Reliable turnkey road
freight transportation

Multifracht is your guide to the world of freight transportation
in Europe and throughout Russia.

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Reliable turnkey road
freight transportation

Multifracht is your guide to the world of freight transportation
in Europe and throughout Russia.


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freight transportation

Do you need to deliver goods from one country to another without crossing the ocean?

Most likely, we will recommend you to decide in favor of the road transportation. When properly scheduled, this transport mode is always fast, convenient and safe. All you should do is choose the right vehicle and a convenient route – this is the prerequisite for a successful delivery!

- Apart from selecting vehicles with due regard of the cargo, we solve all related issues: execute documents, conduct negotiations with suppliers, arrange for logistics, customs clearance, legal and financial advice, monitor the freight traffic, etc.

- We deliver all types of full truck loads, including expensive, liquid, project, oversized and dangerous cargoes, and arrange for expedited deliveries using both our own and third-party vehicles.

Contact us, and you will find a reliable contractor, partner and friend.

Simple, fast, and reliable


We pick up the cargo from any city/town.

We prepare all export documents.

We issue a EU declaration for VAT refunds.

We use the most optimal transport mode for dispatching cargoes.


We will help you to undergo customs clearance procedures in the receiving country.

We undergo certification procedures and pay all customs duties and taxes.

We submit daily reports and guarantee transparency at work.


We deliver cargoes right to the door, to warehouses, remote areas and construction sites.

We observe the terms laid down in the contract.

We provide a comprehensive report.


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  • Rail transportation
  • River / Maritime transportation
  • Multimodal transportation
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  • Shipping by water - saving the financial
    resources of the company and the natural resources of the Earth.

    Advantages of the river/maritime transportation

    • — high carrying capacity;

    • — long-distance transportation with no restrictions on the cargo dimensions and weight;

    • — low risk of cargo loss or damage during transportation;

    • — cargo delivery to hard-to-reach places not accessible by high-quality motorways or rail traffic;
    • — environmentally friendly freight transportation.

    Rail freight offers a year-round
    delivery of cargoes over an extensive railway network.

    Advantages of the rail freight:

    • — low transportation costs, especially for long-distance transportation in remote areas;
    • — capable of carrying big volumes of cargoes per voyage;
    • — not dependent on weather conditions and seasonal features of the regions;
    • — high-capacity transshipment points, loading and unloading terminals;
    • — almost no restrictions on the cargo weight and composition.

    Based on our long-term experience,
    we may conclude that cooperation with one partner saves time,
    money and spares the customer’s nerves!

    The main advantage of multimodal transportation is that it there is only one person responsible for the services rendered. Efficient routes involving the most cost-effective vehicles in the relevant destinations.

    Routes— door-to-door delivery with due regard of the transport infrastructure, environmental conditions, unloading / loading capacity in the region, regardless of the transportation distance.

    Cost- if delivery time comes first, then the price will be higher; however, if you give priority to transportation costs, then we will develop the most cost-effective route, which is likely to take slightly more time.

    For example, river transportation usually costs 30–40% cheaper than road or railway transportation (the difference may even be twofold or higher for separate directions).

    Multimodal transportation

    Our experts will calculate the most accurate cost of road freight transportation within one day.
    The only thing you should do is call us at +7 (831) 436-39-38 and provide the information required.