Rail freight transportation
from Europe on Russian
1,520 mm tracks

Multifracht is your guide to the world of freight transportation
in Europe and throughout Russia.

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Road, Rail
Maritime / River transport

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Rail freight transportation
from Europe on Russian
1,520 mm tracks

Multifracht is your guide to the world of freight transportation
in Europe and throughout Russia.


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Regardless of cargo dimensions and consignments involved, rail transportation has already proved to be one of the most responsive and reliable transport modes in Russia. Customers appreciate its emerging opportunities and attractive shipping costs. Despite currency fluctuations, rail transportation rates remain stable, which makes it possible to minimize costs.

Our railway logistics department organizes the transportation of industrial, construction and agricultural cargoes.
The professional approach of our employees guarantees the most expedient transportation of your cargoes with due regard of all safety and reliability requirements.
The only thing the customer shall do is make a list of work to be performed, while Multifracht Eurasia will arrange for the rest.

We develop individual integrated solutions for the rail transportation of any cargoes:



Expanding the geography of European businesses by 150,000 km (“Russian” railway tracks having a track gauge of 1,520 mm)


We operate cars owned by largest Russian companies.

We work directly with all freight stations of the Russian Railways’ and CIS networks.

We invest in new rolling stock under contracts with our customers.


We select customized rolling stock with due regard of your cargo (hoppers, log trucks and container platforms).

We execute a full range of authorizations and approvals.


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  • River / Maritime transportation
  • Road freight transportation
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Order calculation

  • Road transportation – a prompt
    transportation of cargoes at an affordable price.

    Advantages of the road transport

    • - enhanced mobility;
    • - individual route and schedule;
    • - extensive road network making it possible to deliver goods to the most distant corners of the country;
    • - cargo escort by a freight forwarder;
    • - cost-effectiveness;
    • - flexibility;
    • - seven days a week, no schedule.

    Shipping by water - saving the financial
    resources of the company and the natural resources of the Earth.

    Advantages of the river/maritime transportation

    • — high carrying capacity;

    • — long-distance transportation with no restrictions on the cargo dimensions and weight;

    • — low risk of cargo loss or damage during transportation;

    • — cargo delivery to hard-to-reach places not accessible by high-quality motorways or rail traffic;
    • — environmentally friendly freight transportation.

    Based on our long-term experience,
    we may conclude that cooperation with one partner saves time,
    money and spares the customer’s nerves!

    The main advantage of multimodal transportation is that it there is only one person responsible for the services rendered. Efficient routes involving the most cost-effective vehicles in the relevant destinations.

    Routes— door-to-door delivery with due regard of the transport infrastructure, environmental conditions, unloading / loading capacity in the region, regardless of the transportation distance.

    Cost- if delivery time comes first, then the price will be higher; however, if you give priority to transportation costs, then we will develop the most cost-effective route, which is likely to take slightly more time.

    For example, river transportation usually costs 30–40% cheaper than road or railway transportation (the difference may even be twofold or higher for separate directions).

    Multimodal transportation

    We spot rail cars for loading
    at the appointed time and place.